This is the main office of our sample media, but we invite you to visit our many rooms filled with links to our episodes, our social media links, an insane photo gallery, Area 51 network, our virtual techie church, A.I. Mike's home and bios of all of the current characters on Awesome Insanity Surfers.  We do not have an elevator, so you will need to access this fun place via our worm hole to the right.

Below are players for Awesome Insanity Surfers, Alex Exum and Dave Kanyan.  Enjoy the news, world views, comedy and life through Alex and Dave's experience.

All of the Spreaker episodes are now remastered and repackaged with the best quality from our beginnings up to where it all ended.  Beginning in October, I began "Awesome Insanity Surfers Mysteries" with special shows being added for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas along with some other random new fun!  We even discovered some lost episode material from before we were officially on Spreaker!  Watch the player above for our broadcasts and visit our "Everything Awesome Insanity Surfers" for ones prior to the one showing on the player above (worm hole to access it above).

Our thanks to and for allowing us to give visual life to our characters and for allowing me to create some of our segments on video and allow us to brand our site.

Also many thanks to,, and for some wonderful sound effects without which our shows would not have been possible.  Thank you also to and NCH for providing royalty free music for intros, outros and background.

Special thanks to Alex Exum of who created the music beds for our intro, station I.D. and outro in our most recent episodes.  Find a link to him below!

In addition to video and audio, I also design graphics and in fact I design all of the episode images for any audio programs I broadcast as well as my social media sites.  Here are a variety of samples . . . some using free for commercial use images to create the over-all effect through editing.

Interested in graphics, audio or video to help you get yourself out there or to enhance your media projects?  Click the button below.  Consultations are free.

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